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Prestige ER a Licensed Freestanding Emergency Center Open 24/7 in Plano, Tx.
Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care: Costs, Differences & Benefits

Emergency Room vs Urgent Care: Costs, Differences & Benefits

Emergency Room vs Urgent Care: What’s More Expensive?

ER, Hospital & Urgent Care. Know Where to Go by Asking the Right Questions.

Experiencing an emergency medical situation is never in anyone’s plans, and often these sudden illnesses or injuries occur after-hours or over the weekend when your primary care physician is not available.  Since the rise of Freestanding Emergency Centers, the Emergency Room vs Urgent Care question has been a subject of much controversy.

Choosing the right facility for the proper care can be critical to one’s health. However, many patients forego the necessary medical care for fear of its cost, and this has become a real problem. There is a lot of misinformation and confusion regarding the cost of emergency medical care, at Prestige ER, we believe patients are entitled to accurate and honest information about their options, for this reason, we feel it is necessary to clarify some key points.

What is the Difference Between an Urgent Care Clinic and an Emergency Room?

Urgent Care Clinics

These facilities treat non-life-threatening conditions like symptoms associated with the common cold, seasonal allergy symptoms, small lacerations, and strep throat.

However, most urgent care facilities are not adequately equipped to treat severe breathing problems, anaphylaxis shock or deep cuts where either ligaments or bone are visible, in these cases a visit to the emergency room is recommended.

Emergency Rooms

Both hospital and free-standing emergency rooms treat conditions which require immediate medical attention such as, heart attacks, strokes, abdominal pain, dehydration, complex fractures, and much more.

One of the most significant differences between an emergency room vs urgent care clinic is that all emergency rooms are always required to have an attending emergency physician available, and these facilities are open 24/7 every day of the year including holidays.

We’re Open on all Holidays! Prestige ER is Open 24/7 in Plano.

Real Cost-Benefit Relation of Emergency Rooms

Much has been said about the cost of medical services in America, we all know how expensive treatments can be. And this has created a new problem, people feeling like they should conduct a self-triage to determine if they really need medical attention or not.

At Prestige ER, we believe no patient should have to make these decisions, which is why we have worked hard to create liaisons with a wide range of insurance companies, so, any patient can feel comfortable walking through our doors knowing they will receive the quality care they deserve at a price they can afford.

Cost of Urgent Care Vs. Freestanding Emergency Rooms

There is no denying that receiving medical attention for mild symptoms of common non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries will be cheaper at an urgent care. And if you have the choice, you should visit one of these facilities.

However, as we mentioned before most clinics close between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm and are do not open on weekends or holidays. Leaving the members of the community to fend for themselves if their time of need happens to be at 10:00 pm or during a Saturday afternoon.

There is also the issue of urgent care clinics not being able to treat all types of emergencies, you might think you just have a headache but, you might, in fact, be having a stroke, in which case you will lose valuable time having to be transferred from the urgent care clinic to our emergency facility.

If your insurance plans cover a wide range of emergency situations, you will be better served to visit Prestige ER from the start rather than the urgent care clinic, your final out of pocket expense will be very similar to that of the urgent care treatment if your insurance plan covers it.

Cost-Benefit Ratio Between Hospital ER’s and Freestanding ER’s

If you require emergency medical attention, you have a choice of visiting a hospital ER or a Freestanding Emergency Room such as Prestige ER. So, which one should you choose?

Proximity is the first thing you should consider, in an emergency every second count, the faster you receive treatment, the better your chances of making a full recovery.

Does Prestige ER Offer the Same Services as a Hospital ER?

Yes, we offer all the same services a hospital ER does, and in many cases, our equipment is newer and more advanced than those found in other facilities.

Is Prestige ER More Expensive Than a Hospital ER?

Absolutely not. There is a massive misconception, in part fueled by media reports that freestanding emergency rooms charge more for the same procedures and treatments provided by the hospital ERs. There is no evidence that this is the care, and in fact, in a study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, the study concludes that pricing between freestanding ER’s and hospital ER’s is comparable.

We’re Fast, Effective and Caring Emergency Physicians. Here for You 24/7.

What Benefits Does Prestige ER have Over Hospital ER’s?

The most significant differences between the care a patient will receive from Prestige ER, and any other Hospital ER are:

  • Shorter Wait Times: Hospital ER’s across the state and the country are overcrowded and understaffed most of the time. This means that non-critical patients must wait in agonizing pain for 20 – 30 minutes or even hours before they receive treatment. At Prestige ER we guarantee there will be no lines, and you will see a doctor within 10 minutes of your arrival.
  • Personalized Care: At Prestige ER we don’t just treat symptoms, we treat people. You deserve to receive the best medical care and be treated as a person and not only a chart number. We want all our patients to go home feeling good not just health wise but emotionally as well.
  • Top of The Line Technology and Medical Staff: Our facility uses top of the line diagnostic equipment which is expertly maintained. But most importantly, we only hire the most qualified and renowned medical staff to work with us. From our administrative staff to our nurses and doctors, rest assured, you are in the best hands.

Prestige ER accepts all major private insurance carriers, we can work with you to ensure you receive the quality medical care you and your family deserve at a price that you can afford.

Know Where to Go in the Event of an Emergency

Prestige ER is Your #1 Choice During an Emergency.

#WeStayOPEN 24/7, through weekends & all holidays!

Best 24 Hr Emergency Medical Services

Prestige ER is honored to serve the residents and those passing through Plano and surrounding cities like Frisco and Allen.

Part of caring for your health is to know where to go in case of an emergency.  Please keep in mind that Prestige ER is Open 24/7 every day of the year, if you need us, we are here for you.

We are available 24/7 because an accident can happen at any time. Do not risk your health! Get help from the ER experts when you need it, visit us immediately on 7940 Custer Road Plano, Texas 75025.

#1 Medical Emergency Care in Plano, Near Frisco and Allen

Find the ER Specialists at PrestigeER.org, We provide the Best 24 HR. Emergency Medical Services in Plano. Don’t Wait in Line for ER Care!  Don’t forget that WE STAY OPEN 24/7.

Get back on track to enjoying life, FAST! Experienced, Effective and Caring Emergency Physicians team up with the best On-Site ER care for everything from Minor to Major Injuries and Conditions.

  • CT Scan, Digital X-Ray & Ultrasound
  • Certified Full-Service Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Specialized Pediatrics ER Care Facilities
  • Extended Stay Capacity

#PrestigeERCares About YOU! We’re at 7940 Custer Road, Plano, Texas 75025
Email: info@prestigeer.org Phone: (972)527-3000 #BestERPlano


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