Prestige ER is a 24/7 Top Notch Plano Texas Emergency Center. As a High-Quality Licensed Freestanding ER, we combine, technology, expert emergency trained physicians and prompt personalized attention.

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Prestige ER a Licensed Freestanding Emergency Center Open 24/7 in Plano, Tx.

Nurses Day – Our Angels in Comfy Shoes

Nurses Week 2018

The Most Trusted Healthcare Professionals

Can you guess which healthcare profession has been rated as the most honest and ethical by the public for the past 16 years?

We will give you a hint, they can be found everywhere in our Prestige ER facility. That’s right, we are talking about nurses! Nurses are considered to be the most trusted healthcare professionals and with good reason.

Nursing is a tough career path, one that requires a lot of training, constant certifications, not to mention courage and patience, not everyone can be a nurse, and that is why those who choose this profession are exemplary individuals.

What Does it Take to be a Good Nurse?

Aside from the extensive training, there are many skills and personality traits that are required to succeed in this field, here is just a small sample of what it takes to be a nurse.


Nurses must adapt to many different situations and work environments depending on the specialization they choose, in the case of trauma or emergency room nurses, they are required to develop critical thinking skills, they must know how to prioritize, and above all, they need to be able to handle stressful situations.

We’re Fast, Effective and Caring Emergency Physicians. Here for You 24/7.

Great Communication Skills

Nurses are in a unique position when it comes to patient relationships, they are extremely knowledgeable and more approachable than most doctors.

Nurses calm patients and their loved ones, they offer words of encouragement, they make our patients feel special during their visit to our facilities, they are often charged with the important task of explaining the details of the proposed treatment, and they are also the ones who educate the patients in how to administer treatment or care for an injury when they are discharged from our emergency room.

All of this requires an individual who has a high degree of empathy and great communication skills, you can think of them as interpreters, translating complex medical terms into easy to understand instructions for patients and their loved ones.

Teaching Skills

The majority of emergency room visits are from patients who have sustained an injury, due to a fall or a car crash for example, others may have chronic illnesses that are not being managed properly, regardless of the case, part of a nurse’s job is to educate patients in how to care for their injury and most importantly how to prevent it from happening again.

We often think teaching skills are only needed if you are a school teacher or college professor, but, teaching ordinary people how to stay safe and healthy is just as important, and the nurses at Prestige ER excel in this field.

Critical Thinking Skills

Every minute of a nurse’s shift is full of decision-making situations regarding patient care, and each decision has a direct impact on the patient’s outcome.

The ability to think clearly and make rational decisions in such a quick paced ER environment is key to providing excellent patient care. Our nurses are trained to think fast and act even faster, which helps us save more lives.

Happy International Nurses Day!

Happy National Nurse Week from all of us at Prestige ER! This week we honor and give a great round of applause to the amazing nurses that help improve patient lives every day and help create the wonderful work environment we all get to enjoy.

Prestige ER – In Plano, Texas, Near Frisco and Allen

At Prestige ER we always advocate for prevention but are here for you in the event of a medical emergency.  We are available 24/7 because an accident or illness complication can happen at any time. Do not risk your health. Visit Prestige ER immediately on 7940 Custer Road Plano, Texas 75025.

Find the ER Specialists at PrestigeER.org, We provide the Best 24 HR. Emergency Medical Services in Plano. Don’t Wait in Line for ER Care!

Get back on track to enjoying life, FAST! Experienced, Effective and Caring Emergency Physicians team up with the best On-Site ER care for everything from Minor to Major Injuries and Conditions.

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