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Common Viral Infection Testing

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What do you Know About
Common Viral Infections and their Treatments? Strep, Mono and Flu Tests.

Strep throat, mononucleosis, and the flu are illnesses that can quickly become serious and if left untreated they could lead to complications that could require hospitalization. Rapid strep throat, mono and flu tests are available to diagnose these conditions. Learn everything you need to know about how to recognize and treat common viral infections from the Experts at PrestigeER.org.
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What is Strep Throat?

A highly contagious bacterial infection that causes a severe sore throat. Patients with strep throat can be contagious up to two weeks after symptoms manifest. However, the infection can lead to serious complications if it strep bacteria spreads to the tonsils, sinuses or if it enters the bloodstream where it can travel and infect other parts of the body.

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Strep Throat Testing

A very common common viral infection is strep throat. Strep tests include a rapid antigen test where a cotton swab is used to collect a specimen sample from the throat and tonsils to determine the presence of the streptococcus bacteria. This type of test produces results within minutes.

If the results of the rapid strep throat test are inconclusive or negative, but the patient shows all the signs of a strep throat infection, it might be necessary to conduct a throat culture to produce a more accurate diagnosis, results from a throat culture will be available within a few days.

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Understanding Mononucleosis

What is Mononucleosis?

A viral infection that mostly affects children and teens. Symptoms of mononucleosis or mono, include a sore throat, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, swollen tonsils, skin rash, and headaches.

Mono can also occur when the patient is suffering from other infections such as strep or sinus, in these cases, it can cause an enlarged spleen, which could become life-threating if it ruptures.  Mononucleosis is a common viral infection that can be avoided through proper testing and subsequent treatment.

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Mononucleosis Testing

Mono is an illness that can spread quickly amongst children and teens, therefore diagnosing the condition rapidly is imperative so the patient can be isolated.

Mono rapid tests use blood samples, they include antibody tests to check for the presence of antibodies to the Epstein-Barr virus, which causes this illness, and elevated counts of white blood cells which indicate an infection.  If you suspect that your child has the common viral infection of mononucleosis, it is best to get proper testing as soon as possible at Prestige ER.

Influenza is a common viral infection

The Nasty Influenza Virus
We Know as the Flu

What is the Flu?

Influenza, commonly referred as the flu, is a highly contagious viral respiratory illness, it is often mistaken for the common cold, but, flu symptoms which include, fever, runny nose, body aches, headache, and fatigue tend to be more severe.

Influenza Testing

The flu is caused by a group of related viruses known as influenza virus A, B, and C; therefore, several kinds of rapid flu tests exist. The tests are used to detect the presence and type of virus causing the illness. Samples are usually taken from the nose or the mouth.

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Why Get Common Infection

Patients who are experiencing any of the symptoms related to either of these conditions, want to start the healing process as soon as possible. Which is why getting rapid strep test, mono test, or flu test to diagnose these illness is so important.

Although all these common viral infection conditions may share symptoms, the course of treatment differs significantly between them, as an example strep throat is a bacterial infection and therefore responds well to appropriate antibiotic treatments; mono, on the other hand, is caused by a virus and therefore does not respond well to antibiotic treatments.

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