Prestige ER is a 24/7 Top Notch Plano Texas Emergency Center. As a High-Quality Licensed Freestanding ER, we combine, technology, expert emergency trained physicians and prompt personalized attention.

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Prestige ER a Licensed Freestanding Emergency Center Open 24/7 in Plano, Tx.

ER Visits Involving Vehicle Accidents are Covered In or Out of Network

In a Car Accident? Your ER Visit is Covered Under Texas Law

Insurance Policies MUST Cover ER Trips Involving Vehicle Accidents

When you are involved in a car accident and need to go to the ER, the last thing that should be on your mind if whether your insurance company will cover the costs.

Hopefully, neither you nor any of your loved ones will ever be involved in a severe motor vehicle accident; but if you are you need to know that your insurance company will pay for your emergency care.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, health insurance companies are required to cover ER services in or out of network.

This means you have a choice of which emergency room you want to visit. You are not required to go to an overcrowded hospital-based ER.  You can choose to receive care at Prestige ER, one of the top-rated freestanding emergency care facilities in Plano.

How Likely are You to be Involved in a Traffic Accident?

According to the last report issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (NHTSA), there were 3,722 reported traffic fatalities in Texas in 2017, of these:

  • 2,205 deaths occurred in urban areas and 1,504 in rural areas and 13 deaths where the location was unknown
  • Of the 3,722 deaths, 2,369 were passengers
  • 1,468 deaths were due to alcohol-related accidents
  • 1,029 fatalities were due to speed-related accidents
  • 490 motorcyclists lost their lives
  • There were 607 pedestrians killed in vehicle accidents
  • 59 cyclists lost their lives on the road
  • A total of 5,204 drivers were involved in fatal car crashes, of these 4,582 were drivers over the age of 21

We Stay Open Around the Clock! Prestige ER is Open 24/7 in Plano.

Should You Go to The ER After You’ve Been in a Car Accident?

There are approximately 4 million emergency room visits related to vehicle accidents every year in the United States.

In some cases, the need for emergency medical attention is evident, patients with severed limbs or those who have a foreign object lodged in their bodies. However, many life-threating injuries are not apparent, such as internal bleeding and head trauma.

The only way to assess the severity of your injuries is to be examined by a doctor.

Clearly, you won’t come in for an examination if you were involved in a fender bender, but, if during the crash your head was jerked back and forth, or you hit your head against anything, even if you feel ok, it’s better to get examined right away.

Why Do You need to Go to the ER After a Car Crash?

Car-crash victims should always go to the ER immediately after the crash, even those who feel fine but who might have hit their head during impact. Here are a few reasons why you should come to Prestige ER for an evaluation:


Symptoms Don’t Always Manifest Right Away

Injuries vary in severity as we mentioned before, when there is bleeding, exposed fractures or unresponsive victims, the decision to go to the ER is evident.

However, many patients who are involved in car accidents don’t realize the severity of their injuries because their bodies release large amounts of adrenaline. Adrenaline blocks the pain receptors, therefore what initially felt like a minor injury could, in fact, be a severe injury that requires immediate medical attention.


Delayed Medical Treatment Could Affect Your Health Insurance Claim

Even though insurance companies are required by law to offer emergency medical coverage, this hasn’t stopped them from trying to deny valid claims.

The more time lapses between the accident and your visit to the ER, the more difficult it can become to establish a direct correlation between the injury, its severity, and the cause.

The insurance company’s goal is to settle the case for as little as possible. Delayed medical treatment can help insurance adjusters accomplish this goal. Insurance adjusters will also try to argue that there’s no way to prove that your injuries were sustained in the car accident since you didn’t seek medical attention immediately after the crash.

For the most part, these arguments are ineffective, and our Patient Advocate team will help you dispute them; unfortunately, they can cause you unnecessary stress and delays.


Prestige ER Offers Better Care than Urgent Care Clinics

Car crash victims who suffered non-life-threatening injuries may think they are better off getting checked at an Urgent Care center; however, Prestige ER is known for having the best doctors and nurses in the community, therefore the quality of care offered by us far surpasses that of any urgent care clinic.

Moreover, if your injury turns out to be more severe than you initially thought, having the best doctors taking care of you could prevent long-term disabilities or save your life.

HealthCare.gov recommends that in case of an emergency, you head straight to the closest ER.

You DO NOT need to get prior approval from your health insurance company.

They will cover expenses barring whatever your deductible and coinsurance/copayments are for emergency treatments.

Prestige ER is open and ready to attend car crash victims 24/7, we work with all major insurance companies and our Patient Advocate team is available to help you understand your coverage and rights. We will guide and fight for you every step of the way.

We’re Fast, Effective and Caring Emergency Physicians. Here for You 24/7.

Know Where to Go in the Event of an Emergency

Prestige ER is Your #1 Choice During an Emergency.

#WeStayOPEN 24/7, through weekends & all holidays!

Best 24 Hr Emergency Medical Services

Prestige ER is honored to serve the residents and those passing through Plano and surrounding cities like Frisco and Allen.

Part of caring for your health is to know where to go in case of an emergency.  Please keep in mind that Prestige ER is Open 24/7 every day of the year, if you need us, we are here for you.

We are available 24/7 because an accident can happen at any time. Do not risk your health! Get help from the ER experts when you need it, visit us immediately on 7940 Custer Road Plano, Texas 75025.

#1 Medical Emergency Care in Plano, Near Frisco and Allen

Find the ER Specialists at PrestigeER.org, We provide the Best 24 HR. Emergency Medical Services in Plano. Don’t Wait in Line for ER Care!  Don’t forget that WE STAY OPEN 24/7.

Get back on track to enjoying life, FAST! Experienced, Effective and Caring Emergency Physicians team up with the best On-Site ER care for everything from Minor to Major Injuries and Conditions.

  • CT Scan, Digital X-Ray & Ultrasound
  • Certified Full-Service Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Specialized Pediatrics ER Care Facilities
  • Extended Stay Capacity

#PrestigeERCares About YOU! We’re at 7940 Custer Road, Plano, Texas 75025
Email: info@prestigeer.org Phone: (972) 527-3000


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