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Prestige ER a Licensed Freestanding Emergency Center Open 24/7 in Plano, Tx.
Honoring ER Nurse - Cindi Miller

Honoring ER Nurses – Cindi Miller

Prestige ER Nurse, Cindi Miller

Many will say that it takes a special breed to be an emergency nurse.  As all nurses are special, this ER nurses week, we’d like to give you a little insight as to why they are considered the “unsung heroes of the ER”.  An emergency center must be fully equipped to take on any type of medical emergency from its equipment to its specialized staff.  These exceptional professionals  possess certain traits making them highly effective during the most critical scenarios.

Traits of a Great ER Nurse

You only need to look into the eyes of a happy patient or their loved ones to understand the paramount import role of an ER nurse.  Saving lives is not for everyone.  The following are just a few traits that make an emergency nurse so special:

  • THINK QUICKLY & TAKE ACTION.  In an ER, at any moment there may be anything from minor emergencies to life-or-death situations. For this reason, they must have the knowledge and experience to be able to judge the severity of the patient’s situation and assess the next course of action to take quickly and accurately.


  • NERVES OF STEEL.  An ER Nurse should have the capacity to almost establish the tone of their environment.  During an emergency, it is a vital trait to carry as ER nurses must remain the eye of the storm able to calm patients and their families.
  • MASTER MULTITASKER.  Emergency nurses must be well-organized and practice careful time management skills so as to provide genuine comfort, reassurance, and care to their patients, as well as being the essential intermediary between the patient and the doctors.


  • GENUINELY NICE.  People will feel more at ease during critical situations with a good-natured, friendly, pleasant soul by their side.  This is something that must come naturally and is genuinely heartfelt. A patient will find easier to relax and listen to someone with these traits.  This way, a good ER nurse will be able to find it easier to communicate in an honest and direct manner.


  • CARING SOULS.   People will see how much they care about them not by what they say, but by their actions.  They will be happy to pull long shifts and always remain compassionate to those they are caring for.  They will be happy to answer questions and do their best to fulfill each special request.  Both cool-headed yet warm-hearted, they will bend over backward to make your experience the most comfortable possible. This is one of the reasons why ER nurses are called, “Angels in Scrubs”.

Get to Know One of Our Super ER Nurse Manager! Cynthia Miller RN,BSN

At Prestige ER, we are blessed with having an incredible team of ER professionals on staff.  Among these is our nurse manager, Cynthia Miller, or how many affectionately call her, Cindi.  The following is an excerpt of a short interview we had with Nurse Cindi:

Q:  How many years have you been a nurse?

It’s been thirty-one (31) years as a nurse, five (5) years as a LPN and twenty six (26) years as a RN.

Q:  How many years have you worked at Prestige ER?

I’ve worked with Prestige ER for  1 1/2 years

Q:  Any hobbies besides helping and healing?

That would be movies especially horror movies, golf and reading.

Q:  Why Prestige ER?  Why do you like working here?

I love working for Prestige ER because it is a great place to work, the staff are like family with everyone working together, helping one another to provide the highest quality of care to our patients.

Thank you, ER nurse manager, Cindy Miller for all that you do.  You truly are an incredible example of an Emergency Nurse with a true calling.  We are proud to have you by our side at Prestige ER!

meet nurse manager cynthia miller plano texas emergency room

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